Royal Wharf


Country :London, UK
Type : Mixed
Address : North Woolwich Road, London E16 2BG
Tenure : 999-year Leasehold
Top Year : 2017
Developer : Oxley International Holdings Pte Ltd & Ballymore



About Royal Wharf

This vast metropolis on the Thames – Europe’s biggest city – offers a truly unique combination of prosperity, heritage and booming popularity.

London is the world’s premier financial centre. It is the number one city in terms of visitor numbers. And underpinned by stable government, effective regulation and economic balance, it offers one of the planet’s most investible property markets.

The 2012 Olympic Games broadcast to the world a city with a great knack for balancing the trappings of the modern world with the legacy of a long and celebrated history. The London they took place in was – and is – both a world-leading international business centre, and the most important cultural meeting place on Earth.

In being situated in the once-industrial East End, the games underlined the secret of London’s persistent success: its remarkable capacity for reinvention.

For phase 3 see also: John Cabot House & Mariner’s Quarters (Royal Wharf Phase 3).







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