Urban Village

Country: Cambodia
Type: Integrated (Residential, Commercial, Offices, Community spaces)
Location: Hun Sen Blvd, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Tenure: Freehold
Top Year: 2020 (phase I), est. 2024 (phase II&III)
Units: 828 (phase I only) plus more than 4,000 in phases II &III
Developer: Goldfame Group
urban village communityUrban Village is not 'just another condo' - it is the only residential high rise that encompasses a whole 1,500 sqm community with co-working, event spaces, art galleries, restaurants, office and many more. Everything the residents need is within walking distance of this community.
Located ten minutes from the center of Cambodian capital, Urban Village is the “Live” and “Play” components of Urban Hub, with over 800 units in Phase 1 – sold out in less than a year – and over 4,000 units for phases II & III.

Directly adjacent to Urban Village is Factory Phnom Penh, where the “Work” and more “Play” activities take place.

How do you build a community in a high-rise? How do you connect people in an entirely greenfield development where everyone will be strangers when they move in? What do you do with the 3.4-hectare, 16-building garment factory sitting on half of the land awaiting development?

These were the design challenges posed to Urban Living Solutions for Urban Village, the residential component of the Urban Hub project which were successfully mastered. 

Units come for a very affordable price. Get in touch now to learn more and receive the full eBrochure.


Urban Village is located in Hun Sen Boulevard, close to the CBD and new International Airport.

Urban village location

Site Plan And Floor Plans

Coming soon, once the project has been approved for sale also in Singapore.

Please contact us for more details or to arrange for an appointment.

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