Country: China
Type: Residential
Location: Hainan, China
Top Year: 2017
Developer: Continental Hope Group




Hainan Mumian Lake International Health Resort 海南木棉湖国际养生度假区 is the utmost testament to China’s developing market economy. The project is located in west central Hainan province, in the Five Fingers Mountains. There, the air quality is the best in China and second best in the world, and original rainforest covers over 83% of the land. The air contains more than 70,000 negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter, and the temperature stays between 22 and 25 degrees Celsius 260 days of every year. Such an area is particularly suitable for a health resort, especially because it is the birthplace of three major rivers in Hainan. It is an important water source to protect, which is why there is a true sense of isolation.
Hainan Mumian Lake International Health Resort 海南木棉湖国际养生度假区 is not only a real estate project, but also a vacation paradise. The first phase has a planned area of 10,000 acres, of which only 3,000 acres of land will be disturbed for construction. The construction is divided into three residential blocks, a spa area in the north, a flower farming area in the center, and sports facilities in the south.








Baisha, China



Site Plan





Floor Plan




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